Friday, September 29, 2006

Patience, gotta get me some...more of it

Congratulations Hien & Ha on your baby boy born this morning weighing 8lbs 2oz. Babies babies everywhere!

"Patience is tied very closely to faith in our Heavenly Father. Actually, when we are unduly impatient, we are suggesting that we know what is best--better than does God. Or, at least, we are asserting that our timetable is better than his. Either way we are questioning the reality of God's omniscience."

—Neal A. Maxwell (Ensign, October 1980, p. 28.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back to Ikea again

Brutal, we had to go back to Ikea tonight because the two shelves we purchased last night require 32 screws each. For one shelf 9 were provided. How irritating. Oh well we had a nice dinner there, relaxing too. And all for $15. Marvin had macaroni. I had quiche and salad. Daddy had meatballs and veggies. Ana had veggies too but most of them ended up on the floor surrounding the highchair. Marvin got them to give him a free refill of mac n'cheese plus fries just by batting his long eyelashes and flashing them a charming grin. Plus just keep him from asking for what he wants. I dare you. The closet is now neatly organized. That's two down and two to go. Closets that is. When i get around to it i'll post b4and after shots. Get ready world the Manghi's are gettin'it together.

It's all about Food and Thursday

I am not sure why but I've been looking forward to Thursday all week. Anastasia and Marvin and Lola and Lolo and Uncle mark have the 'coldS' I'm still fighting it off. Good. Why do filipinos add 'S's in the strangest places. Tonight we were at Ikea, enjoying the SmallLand services of course and picking up some galvanized steel shelves for the laundry closet. We are getting so organized thanks to Marnie and Savvy Space Solutions. Check out her website My husband was giggling in the as is section at a buggy with wood/laminate scraps labelled $15-cart of woodS. He says it with an accent and points out the guy who obviously marked it. He's bugged him for discounts enough times. Calling it, 'using the brown card' Strange since he won't even mark off the 'visible minority' box on any kind of forms or applications. I am so grateful to be exposed to his culture especially the food. My nieces Jessica and Aimee really like it too which was a total surprise. If you don't already know Filipinos and Filipinas are very friendly and giving. They love parties and food. Lots of food! Good food. A lot of honkies don't like the food but I am not one of them. I like the chocolate meat (dinuguan), the kilawayne(kinda like sushi but with smelts), the danackdugan(snouts and ears,my new favorite, especially when cooked by Jhun), the bittermelon salad, champuraddo, caldaretta(especially with goat), calamansi, adobo, arroz caldo, and the scary fishes with eyeballs included, granted kari-kari (peanut butter and oxtail stew)and pinakbet(a name considered for our first child) isn't my favorite but I eat it anyway. I am probably making some spelling errors on the names of these dishes, but i gotta let you know what you're missing if you haven't tried Phillipine cuisine. There's more than rice, lumpia and pansit you know. I was lucky to be exposed to this varied cuisine at a young age however and blessed with a mother who taught me to try everything and enjoy a wide variety of foods. Plus my mother-in-law aka Lola is a fabulous cook! Do you like Pho-the Vietnamese soup? Our friends Hien and Ha just opened a new bubble tea and pho shop on 25th and Oak. You gotta check it out. You'll love the sign. It's near their salon and it's called Gizmo. It's yummy. If you are saying, 'What the Pho?' then you gotta try the Vietnamese food out there. I'm not a foodie but I do like Asian foods. My son's favorite besides mcdonalds is sushi. My daughter really likes cucumbers. I think Patrick's favorite must be pasta because we're always cooking and eating it. He's a great cook and that is lucky for our whole family. Thank-you Carolina for teaching me to make the Caldo from Columbia. We had it tonight again. It's a yummy soup with chicken, cilantro, plantains, squash and corn on the cob inside it. Also congratualations on your new baby boy-Edwin. You have 3 kids now. Unbelieveable!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Jilian are you ready to come out now?

Jilian are you ready to come out now?

Don't ya think they'll make great parents. Uninterupted sleep may be a thing of the past. I can confirm it, parenting is by far the most challenging, tricky, exhausting, rewarding job in the universe according to my limited experience. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted to be a Mommy. I didn't know how much I would sacrifice, love and constant improving on my part it would actually take. Even though it's not all sunshine and roses I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's not all poopy diapers and teething either. Lucky for me there are plenty of others willing to share what did and did not work for them. That really helps. Plus my mom and granny and their limited memories. My grandmother still swears her boys were all trained on the chamber pot by the time they were six months old. Mother in law offers plenty of advice and help too. My mom said I never slept. When I look at my son I know he's a minibetty but more subdued. I can only imagine how hyper I was. Actually I can remember until the ritalin and sugar free diet put a damper on things. It gave me such bad nightmares. Pregnant woman and newborns are everywhere,is it time for another one? We'll see. Pat says with a big goofy smile, "We might have a bun in the oven." Imagine baking and not knowing exactly when to take it out of the oven. Guesswork. Nope there's no buns rising at this time. I'd be feelin' it or puking it up or falling asleep at the wheel, my body reacts pretty quick and really knows asap when something's up or inside. I swear I was physically built to bear children. I didn't know I was so fertile. That other husband must of been shooting blanks like his dad always implied. I can't believe I didn't get pregnant until I was 30. Probably a good thing.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Planet Woman

Wow, I worked out finally with the help of a friend. It felt so good to take care of myself. It's so easy to put that aside until it's more convenient. There are a thousand excuses aren't there? I'll be sore tomorrow.
Check it out at

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

There's a hole in my bucket

Wow I really figured something out this week. I went to a meeting a few weeks ago on prevention of depression and all about the illness. The speaker talked about filling our lamps but I'm not a lamp. I'm a bucket. I keep trying to fill up my bucket so I can keep sharing it and have enough for myself too. Everytime (it seems far and few between)I have alone time, a nap, a date with my husband, a walk with a friend, a good read, time for meaningful prayers, time to create, bake, stretch, pick flowers, fruit, actually shop alone for anything, paint my feet, put on make up, bead, stamp, blog etc I do feel recharged but it doesn't last. I keep trying to nurture my soul, lift my spirit but am unable to keep my bucket full. It seems to be leaking in spots. Some days it has large gaping holes. Maybe if I repair the patches I can keep the bucket sustained enough to properly carry the water, keep it clean and quench my thirst. Wow, discovering this has really helped me. Now I just need to know what is causing the cracks where the water leaks out. I was so excited I tried sharing this with my husband but i am not sure he really got it. He suggested getting a new bucket. This is huge for me. If I can determine what is depleting me maybe I can cope better. I know I need to lower my expectations of myself. This week I will work on not criticizing myself. I thought about it. Nobody feels good after being criticized, nobody benefits. I wouldn't do it to others I love. I would focus on the positive and tell them not to worry about it. I will do this for myself. I judge myself too harshly. I am doing a good job, there is a lot going on. Now to find out what is causing those big bad holes. Thanks for listening, this helps. Maybe one day I will brush my teeth slowly and carefully or get a haircut or just sit in the sun with no time to be anywhere for anyone, unscheduled, undiluted, unrestricted hopefully before i come UNdone.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Mice, work, cake,dreams, kindergarten

You gotta try this, my co-worker Dawn made a chocolate cake with plain dessert tofu instead of eggs and oil, plus a little extra water or milk. It was so delicous and with a cake mix to boot. Rich, moist and a little less guilt inducing. I usually stay away from those but here it goes. Kindergarten has arrived, and with it so much excitement. Gradual entry killing me. Marvin has a delightful teacher. They'll do yoga and tennis in Gym class, without the brutally geeky gymsuits. 2 1/2 hours isn't long though. Finally some well deserved time off from work, even though I haven't really been back long. I can water plants, nurture my soul, do kindergarten, catch up on laundry (just the putting it away part), get the science projects out of the fridge, scrub mildew and create some art. My ambitions are too wild, while I probably won't make soap, do any canning, volunteer, print vast amount of labels with wild abandon, alphabetize, golf, paint, sew, build a 3-D mural or play video games until 4am, I might get to mop the floors, stamp, sing, play, or ride my bike if I'm lucky. Being away from the florescent lights, the phone, battling label printers, burning cds, dregging patient, someone yelling, "Breathe and hold it, that's right and exhale" repeatedly, the hum of computers, the smell of the hospital and the commute will do me good. Except that it is definitely easier to be at work, but not as much fun. Last week I told my son the story of the country mouse and the city mouse with apprpriate variations. We were at a cousins' on Sumas Mountain. There was freshly baked buns, sunshine, wild fruits growing everywhere, a trampoline, dirtbike, go kart, lawnchairs, a creek and people not seen in eons to shoot the breeze with. My son and I pondered which mouse catagory we fall into. Any ideas? This week we'll do the modern version of Never cry Wolf.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Yes that is my husbands butt! (below)

I only had eyes for the children when they had this bath at the Super8 in Auburn. We went to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the White River Amphitheatre and they did not start at 3pm like we thought but we all had a good time, dancing and watching. Marvin really likes them now! Hmmm. Glad he can share something with his dad.


We had a fun summer but it went by awfully quickly despite our efforts to keep it slow and simple. I can't wait to see the bare branches and my husband in his long underwear.