Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Annual Cousin's Lunch

Eda's house
Sumas Mountain
and lots of kittens...

New Westminster's Finest

My mom was given this lovely framed item from the Police Department for her service in the past year. She also enjoyed a banquet and a night out with her cousin Donna Mae that was put on for the volunteers. She has been doing it for several years now and even though I know she enjoys it and finds it rewarding it can also be difficult and exhausting for her at times. She is fortunate in that they send her to a lot of educational classes for her to keep her skills updated and varied. She is always learning something new or additional that helps her help others. The officers just don't have the time to do it all so one of their resources is the Victim Services staff. I am so proud of my mom for her dedication and caring nature. It is amazing what they all deal with at that station and how they work together helping in our community.

New Car Smell

AntiJessie got a new car! Here's the girls checking it out!