Friday, November 28, 2008

It's been a while...

I have been helping out the janitor and rereading Secret Life of Bees. We had a fabulous book club meeting with tea, fine china, Rosaleen's fritters, Black Madonna Honey, pretty yellow cupcakes with bees on them and last but not least peanuts and Coke in a bottle. My husband turned 40 years old and his body hurts. I voted and was partially informed. I remembered veterans and ate yummy Filipino foods and listened to good music at just near Remembrance Day celebrating birthdays. The baby is crawling and clapping up a storm with her two little bottom teeth at 8 months old. Asia is learning to verbally assault her brother which is better than fists and feets. She is still getting a handle on her emotions but now that the vocabulary is expanding she is more able to express herself. The boy has a little loose tooth at the front top sticking out to the side because he banged it on his Lord Kelvin cousin's head. It looks so funny with his larger ones up front. He is practicing with a little enthusiasm for the open house next weekend at the Arenex. We are all looking forward to Christmas and I have made some cards but of course not as many as I would like. I have been lucky enough to do some other little craft projects with photos and such. I just love the paper part of Christmas. Christmas wrapping paper, Christmas cards, Christmas letters, Christmas with coupons, Christmas lists, Christmas tags, little boxes, you name it. Part of the family saw the musical Suessical at the Waterfront theater today
In a few weeks my grandmother will be turning 99! Any suggestions?
Also this weekend we will attend the Festival of Nativities where the gym at our church will be transformed into a wonderful display of trees and nativity scenes. There will also be delightful music in the evenings.

Come enjoy the spirit of Christmas with breathtaking nativity displays from around the world. This event is open daily from 10am to 9pm starting November 27th to the 29th. Live musical performances every night from 7:30pm-8:30pm. Admission free for all ages.

Location: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, 5280 Kincaid Street, Burnaby BC. Phone: 604-515-1800 email: