Sunday, January 15, 2012


welcome new year, i hope you are better than that last year we just put up with
i hope to be healthier and more focused in this leap year
late in 2010 i had a pretty brutal car crash, then in 2011 i was fortunate enough to overcome bronchitis, kidney stones, norwalk virus, physiotherapy, crying children, going back to work, cystoscopy, grumpy husband, sleep deprivation, sinusitis, breast feeding, colds and flu, postpartum depression, psychotherapy, babysitters, kidney infections, pneumonia and i plan not to have so many adventures this year.
perhaps if i pay more attention to my own nutrition, exercise, sleep, rest,  time for myself and support then perhaps i will weather another year better!
my fabulous first daughter in grade one in her school photo
she loves dancing, drawing, painting, reading, cousins and her brother...
the baby! 
fabulous daughter number one again who loves the photo booth on the computer also
totally accidental! 
baby with me and daughter number two
marvellous marvin! 

my strong sister in law with asia
manong with a crazy look

dressed as snow white with so much energy and constantly chattering, curious, and sweet
tired mama