Thursday, March 30, 2006

You really do need both feet...

You really do need both feet to walk. I am in shock. Thank-you Nathalie for the pictures.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

just a sprain and pulled ligaments or was it tendons, we'll see

I am a goon. I fell (CRUNCH) down on my ankle in the carpark last night. One minute we were playing soccer with the 4L milk jug and the next minute I was on the ground. Marvin went to M and used the intercom to get help from Daddy. I crawled and wiggled to the door. It's F A T ! Painful.
Just a baby blog. Jessica's on her way home! Thank goodness for Lola and co. I do miss my children. Actually slept through the night. Imagine that. Six straight hours. My breast are going to explode. Milk bath anyone? Gotta pump. My cat is liking having all my attention and company. I am liking him, not licking, would get a mouthful of furs. i cant' believe how much you need your foot/ankle, ithought oh well i have two. ehlers danlos may have contributed

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Fun with Fungus

I have a fungus on my breasts&Anasia has it on her bumbum.Eoww we are fussy.I'm pumping milk so i feel even more like a cow now.The crevasses near my nipples are red and sore. Don't worry I have cream. Sorry I could not include a picture of that.Yesterday Marvin got his chickenpox shot.He was so brave. He didn't even cry. Anasia got 3 needles.She did cry.He was given a snoopy bandaid.After we went to Build-A-Bear.Now we need to remorgage our home.Luckily I convinced Marvin to bring him home naked.Not marvin he was wearing head to toe green.His new monkey,Marvelous Containo Monkey.That is the name he chose.It was a very elaborate set up.He was able to participate in the making of the monkey.Even he put it's heart inside and made a with, 'that he would always be as happy as he was today'.So sweet.My granny fell down and bumped her head and hurt her rump. She can't get out of bed now, she said.I am quite concerned about her.I tried to call my dad but I couln't find him so I called her other son and one of his other daughters.She's 96 and Uncle Harry said she'll probably die on the kitchen floor one day.She said that is what she would want for herself.She is extremely independent.Also a bit stubborn about accepting help with anything.She is lying on the couch, listening to the radio and reading her large print Reader's Digest.She has a high pain threshold too so I think she should get herself checked out.Nature will take care of her if she rests, she says.I phoned my 1/2 sister Debbie to let her know and see if she could tell the Dad.Marvin was shocked to learn I have a sister, he yelled, "You don't have any sisters."He is so funny.It was so nice to talk to her!I haven't talked to her in a long time. Goforit!Debbie.She's thinking of becoming a student again.She has a grown up son named Jeff who is studying sound at Vancouver Fim School.Way to go Jeff.Good Luck! This morning I went to the historic Galbraith house.It's so old and beautiful inside. Thanks to my favorite Stampin'Up demonstrator, Lillian I made a lovely magnet. Actually it was fun and easy too.I made some new friends too.Must lay down before I collapse now.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Beware the ides of March....Photos for you

We went2Walmart2day, over2theDeCapite's home, looking4birdhouses&2Lola's. That was the afternoon. Morning was laundry,dishes,sweeping,scrubbing,crying,screaming, etc...could i be more tired

Sunday, March 12, 2006

SunnySunday and some FoodForThought

It's a sunny sunny sunny Sunday. I've been2church&Anastasia is finally asleep. Why aren't I? Marvin has his tricycle&went with his Daddy2the Football field. What a life! I am almost alone. How exciting! I even got a good dose of Amma2day. Peanutbutter sandwiches are a lifesaver on days like today. All week I have been contemplating why people are so terrified of death. Perhaps it is the unknown factor involved. That was my first decision. They must all fear what comes next. The unknown next step, not for our bodies but probably our spirits or our souls. Everyone has an idea of where they would like their body to go or what would happen to it. Assuming it is only a vessel for our hearts and minds. I like to think our spirit is a combination of what is in our brains combined with what is in our hearts.As I watch a few2many graphic television programs this week(like scarface/csi)I noticed the characters did not want to die. Some of them begged for their lives even ones with lives that didn't look like much fun. I began to think and think about what others think comes NEXT. Maybe some people are afraid of what comes next, perhaps they are not looking forward to some perceived judgement of some kind. Many film suggest there are gates of which we may or may not be let into. I read in the ReadersDigest about neardeath experiences of little children. Many people testify to seeing their own body when being dead.I think I would go with the 'Do Not Resusitate' on my chart. If I am almost dead just let me go.Previously I would have said I would prefer to die instead of be subjected2the invasive procedures that might keep me alive. Now I could do it.1/2way through the week I decided the reason many people might not like to die would be the other people they would miss. Their hearts would perhaps long for their loved ones, their family&friends. I thought about my FatherInLaw. He's had some recent battles with cancer but he is not afraid to die. He figures if his time is up, his time is up. Time's Up, sounds like a gameshow quiz to me. He feels at peace with the idea that his life could be ending. He has since been feeling better and has been declared cancer free for now but could we all face the prospect of death with such courage? Being a member of the LDS church I have a stong testimony of the plan of salvation and a concrete idea of what comes next. I believe I chose with some excitement the opportunity2come2earth,2get a body,2be tested,2live&2learn&2experience joy, pain, to be in a family all that stuff. I am not sure we had a detailed knowledge of our coming situations and the trials we would face. I'm sure we had an idea of the types of things we could be subjected2 pain, sickness, brokenhearts, poverty, crime and the such as well as some of the good stuff. I'm fairly sure I liked the sound of it but really didn't have a clue to how it would really pan out. No clue. We probably thought we'd all have it so good it would just be a breeze. The blue fairy told Pinocchio that in order to become a realboy he would have to be brave, truthful, selfless. We all know how that turned out didn't we. Jessica was feeling a bit nervous about her coming trip to France and I asked her, 'What is the very worst thing that could happen?' I wanted to know what exactly she felt so scared about. She replied, "The plane could crash." It occured to me that if that happened the easiest thing could be dying. A plane crash wouldn't top my ten things to live thru. I considered the prospects of being 17 and dying. I think at that age I was pretty fearless. So many of us seem to have no real clue as to what to expect when we die. My mother's mother anticipated a really good nap, a very restful place in contrast to her time on earth. I have a feeling we'll be busy then too. She's dead now so I hope she didn't have too big of a surprise. Marvin asked me what happens to buses when they die. Do they come back? Are they ressurected he said. I guess the busgraveyard answer won't do it for that little boy. Many talk of tunnels, relations,and light after death, but that would only be the immediate consequence or perhaps the start of the journey away from our bodies toward something new. I came to the conclusion that it has to be much better than this. We probably would not be on a planet ravaged by man. We probably wouldn't have the temporal worries and aches and pains of a body. In many ways it will be something easier, but I am sure there is work for us to do and new things and people to experience and learn about. No doubt there will be more learning. I decided if we all knew how great it was going to be we would all be dying to get there. We would all be anxious to get on with it especially if we could tune into what is going on here with our loved ones. Would we miss the smiles and hugs of our little children or older family members? It could be hard to see the ones we love making mistakes if we were not permitted to stop them, if we could forsee the consequences. More soon on Life After Life....

Monday, March 06, 2006

Clap your hands, one, two, three, clean little hands are good to see...

Anastasia claps her hands! Quick alert the media! Feverish but still smiling. I don't think she's trying to catch flies. Lola and Lola are thrilled too. Marvin and I have been barfing and sweating a lot. More sweating than barfing for me. Sorry I can't let you know how it looks I was at the toilet in the dark. Pat holding my hair back, so glad he doesn't have it. Chills, nightmares, fevers, nausea, all the good stuff over here. Our baby is growing up. I wanted this one to stay small forever. I find her so adorable. Goodnight Moon.