Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Things change in the blink of an eye...

On December 9th I destroyed our car while bringing Ella for her three month check up. She had it in the trauma bay at Royal Columbian instead. As I was coming off Highway 1, getting on to the Number 7 my car started sliding on the United Blvd overpass. Before I knew it I lost control and slammed into an oncoming semi truck. Luckily my car was equipt with seat belts, air bags and the like.  As I looked around the vehicle for my glasses and realized what had occurred my thoughts only went to my baby's safety. Out the window through the dust and debris I could see the front of the huge truck and nothing else. I could not get the door open and realized my foot was still jammed on the brakes. I called for help for my baby and myself and fortunately a nearby construction worker came running to my aid and was able to pull open our doors and cut the seat belt holding my dear baby's car seat in the middle in the back. A nursing student stopped to help and checked over the baby who was crying and still amazingly had her binky in her mouth. more to follow....

2010 is coming to a close...

Everyone is getting so big so quickly!
There's hair on Marvin's legs. He's interested in developing and bearing his testimony. Having some trouble not getting detentions, good thing Cherry likes him so well.
Anastasia is reading small words. Who would have know she would love kindergarten?
Avalina is saying her own prayers. She never stops talking and is still breaking things. Her honesty when she gets into mischief always amazes me. She unabashedly announces, "It was me!"
She looks and acts so much like Betty-Ann when she was a girl.
Ella is grabbing on to things and smiling and lifting her head and Daddy got some chuckles.
Pat is still working like a dog as the best janitor in Whiterock and finding energy to spend time with the children and small moments with myself.
Grandma David turned 101 a few weeks ago and is residing at Kiwanis Care Center. It is so much better than Carlton Gardens. If she cannot be in her little house at least now she is close by and somewhere pleasant that doesn't always smell like pee. Most times she seems to know us but she's often cranky. I hope i do not live as long as her because i am already tired. Wish I could make her smile and laugh as easily as she used to. She is much quieter now that my dad is gone. I don't think it's nice to outlive your children.
My mom is plugging along as best she can and has been giving herself the blood transfusions at home for one year now. She is still volunteering at the Family History Library and working with Victim Services at NWPD. She is an inspiration to me constantly and I do hope in some ways I become my mother.
Lalaine is still with us but helps Patrick clean during the week and hides out at my mil's on the weekends.
Lolo is done with the chemo and radiation therapies which seem to have significantly shrunk the tumor. He says the Lord has healed him but we all know it will inevitably return in time. For now he can see and hear and eat with his mouth and try to enjoy his children and grandchildren with a better quality of life than before the therapy. God Bless him. He needs our prayers and so do his children.
I know God loves us and wants us to be happy. He provides so many tender mercies to bless us through our trials on this earth. Jesus Christ lives and loves us too. I am very grateful for my knowledge of the gospel and happy to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints. I hope many of you have had a chance to feel of his love.
Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Love

Rememberance Day

one of Ella-Jean's first smiles

Avalina is so much like i was as a little girl

Moody but Marvelous Marvin

Everybody loves their Auntie Jessie

gotta get those teeth fixed

anastasia loves her new sister and is getting used to her glasses but loves kindergarten
Our family is getting ready for Christmas and working hard to keep it simple this year. With a new baby and three other children I really need to keep it from getting to hectic. It's already total chaos the minute my children start waking up and it doesn't seem to let up until they are all asleep. It's our first year in our own house so I think my husband wants to make it special. He's already invited all his siblings and their family over for dinner. There are at least 15 of them. My husband brought home a huge tree today. He wants to cook turkey and roast beef. Also he's planning for pies and cakes! I am not sure he's on board with my keep it simple idea so far! I would love to be baking and making and decorating up a storm but i can barely keep up with feeding and cleaning around the house and their little bodies and clothes right now.