Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Avalina's One Month Old!

It's no wonder they call her Marvelina at Lola's house. She really looks a lot like Marvin did as a baby. In the last photo you can compare the brother and sister and decide for yourself who the baby looks like. Patrick thinks she is the spitting image of me. I can't see it but how often do I look at myself.
They're warming up to the idea of having a baby sister.
They seem to like her so far even though she is taking up a lot of Mommy's time and energy which used to be focused on them and herself! Well, it won't last before we know it she'll be talking and walking.
She's already supporting her head some and turning it to look at the other children. Babies are so amazing! It's great watching them grow and develop and exciting when they hit those milestones. In the second photo Avalina looks scared. I am sure once Patrick sees this photo he will laugh and remind me that when I try to force a smile in photos like for ID cards I usually end up looking scared. When his sister saw my driver's license she burst out laughing and asked me, "Did you make that face on purpose, It's hilarious." I was clueless and replied, "What face? I am just smiling at the camera.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More of the Same....

but different....
Here is even more photos of Avalina!
Anastasia has changed her attitude and her mind about her little sister. She no longer says, "I don't like the baby." She helps with the diaper changes by getting everything ready and getting right in there during the actual change. She is constantly telling me that Avalina needs her diaper changed. I love to hear her say, "She's rilly cute mommy." over and over. Then there's the accompanying statement with almost everything: "Not for babies. Right? Only for big girls." Any kind of snack or meal is not for babies because they don't have any teeth. Any kind of toy is not for babies, just for big girls. All the little things we do together is not for Avalina because she's too little. Shoes are not for babies. Helping Mommy is not for babies. Using the telephone, watching a video or dvd, putting on her shoes, drinking out of cups, using the potty, eating ice cream, going to the playground, checking the mail....
All of it is not for babies, just for big girls and mommies and daddies and Marvins.
Some things are also not for cats because they don't have any hands, just paws.
She is so set on determining her role and what is for her and what is for babies.
I guess she's trying to find her place and the baby's place in all this transition.
Tantrums are getting better or at least a bit less frequent now.
I love it when Anastasia kisses Avalina's head, even when she's asleep or crying or feeding. It's usually accompanied by the exclamation, " She's ears are really tiny, Mommy." or " She's hair is really soft, Mommy." or "She's happy Mommy."
Marvin likes to hold her even when she's crying. Imagine he's almost SEVEN years old. How did that happen. I keep forgetting I have T H R E E children. Unbelievable, I am unbelievably lucky.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

When the children first met her....

Here's a few photos from the hospital when Anastasia and Marvin first met their new sister Avalina.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008