Monday, August 20, 2007


This year's family vacation will be to Seattle, Washington on Labour Day weekend. Are we crazy? That remains to be seen. Patrick got us 3 day passes to this event months ago. Not sure we'll get to enjoy a lot of music but the whole thing is just packed with fun anyhow! My favorite parts are the outdoor markets, fountains, sights, people watching and especially the ART exhibits. I can wait! I hope we end up staying in Bellevue again near the temple. Last year we enjoyed the Econo Lodge with the clear blue clean pool and the delicious waffles you get to make yourself in the lobby. I remember it was pretty reasonable and pretty close to the Auburn Supermall!


I finally awoke pretty well rested after two whole weeks of coughing, sneezing, sinuses full, ears plugged and the whole bit. The post nasal drip now gone I am starting to feel normal again except for the morning sickness. Now if I can just keep my breakfast down and get to bed early enough. I am back to work today and glad to be so but missing the children. Noon comes fast and I will be tired before I know it at this point. Now some sunshine would be in order since it is August!

Friday, August 17, 2007


I have been way too busy to blog but here's a quick catch up. We have been out of it with a cold and flu thing, mostly me plus I am still dealing with the fall I had at work. My ankle has come a long way and is pretty good until the very end of the day if I have done some walking or chasing. We have been eating tons of fresh berries and trying to swim a bunch so I can exercise my ankle and the kids just love being in the water. Patrick's new favorite dinner is burritos, quesadillas, enchiladas, anything with beans and cheese or tortillas lately. We have been spending a bunch of time at the parks near our house so I don't go completely insane watching these children inside our small apartment. My temper is quite short and the nausea comes in waves most of the time. I just threw up my breakfast and it was all pink from the blueberries that were in my cereal. I am home from work sick today but was debating if I should really stay home because then I have to watch my children. Hmmm, I said, what is easier being sick at work or being sick with them hooting and hollering in the background and coming to me with all their needs. Good thing they like yogurt and can get it themselves. Jessica got baptized and she was very happy and just glowing! I don't know why but I thought refreshments at baptisms just appeared magically. Elder Fisher was able to come from Surrey and baptize her and most of her family came and showed her their love and support. I am glad they can understand her righteous desires and if nothing else I am sure they have noticed all the positive changes that she is making for herself. Anastasia turned two and is doing some potty training in the midst of all this. Dr. Warner who was very surprised and chuckling confirmed that child #3 is on the way and will make his or her debut in April or the end of March. We didn't nail down the dates yet because I was the last patient and he forgot to calculate I think. Anyway my calculations are always closer. I am so very very tired right now I can barely drive home from work each afternoon. I am hoping that will pass and eating won't cause so much of a problem soon. Patrick is excited and keeps bringing home 2 litre containers of Ginger Ale. He still loves being a dirty stinky janitor and his work is keeping him very busy plus he started jamming with his brothers again. 'The band' meets at least once a week and i am glad glad glad he can do some singing again. I know he really enjoys it and it gives him a break from reality to lose himself in the music again. We haven't hear from Lolo {pat's dad} since he left BC and I think I am the only one worried about that but Lola is having a hard time with it. I think it's sinking in and she is having some trouble knowing what to do with her feelings of late. Also we are slowly but surely painting and getting the other apartment ready for us to move into. Bunk beds are finally set up and it will be good to get our bed all to ourselves again. That's all for now because I have to go take care of the children now, blog you later....

Saturday, August 04, 2007