Saturday, September 27, 2008


We love her!


First Tooth!
It has been a long time coming!
Avalina finally has her first tooth!
She is almost 6 months old now!
Our family is so blessed!

Ist Tooth!

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I just haven't had time to sit down at the computer lately but here's a quick run down of my life lately.
Avalina is almost 6 months and has started grabbing very quickly at the table especially so we gave her some brown rice mush a few days ago.
Maybe I am totally crazy but i find it so exciting even though i was determined to be moved out this little apartment with cream carpeting before I allowed her to eat. So much for that plan, I didn't account for her own ideas. A high chair and baby food and carpet will be challenging as if the whole introduction to food thing isn't time consuming and messy enough!

My mom Abby's leg is still broken but it seems to be healing up nicely. She is still in plenty of pain depending on her daytime activities. She is trying to retire but loves to keep herself busy so that gets in the way of total relaxation. I love and admire her very much.

Anastasia now 3 years old is still being her sweet self one minute and a tornado of anger the next depending on how full her tummy is and how rested her body is as well. Just like her daddy except he doesn't turn into a tornado. Pat is always happier when he is well rested and well fed. The rest part being scarce lately for both of us. Back to Anastasia...She started Ballet for the first time on Friday and the class was large but all the little girls looked so cute! I am enjoying this chance to relive the preschool years through the eyes of a girl this time and forgot what it was like.

has just started grade 2 and has a wonderful new teacher and plenty of grade 3 classmates in his classroom. He really missed his best friends from the last few years when everybody fit into one class so he is a bit bummed about that. He seems to think he is missing out on everything fun by going to school. He will be participating in gymnastics again and also trampoline. He is still loving to read and just can't keep his nose out of the books. We aren't complaining.

is working so hard and is very tired! He is longing to spend more time feeling rested and pain free and listening to music instead of putting out fires.

I am happy to be walking quite a bit more, getting more fresh air as well as exercise and eating more healthy foods. We are thrilled to have Patrick's cousin Lalaine with us since labour day. She came from HK and loves our children. She is a particular about the foods she eats but willing to be adventurous with so many other things. She has been a Godsend to me as far as helping with the children, husband, organizing, meals, house keeping and my mom. This gives me more time not being stressed and enables me to find what I need quickly. It is difficult to be overwhelmed when you have an extra pair of hands. She has a sweet spirit and is full of faith. She has brought more laughter into our home.
I am working hard to be more punctual! A wise man once said, "If you can't be on time, then be early."
I started doing some yoga again and am still Stampin'Up! a storm when I have time.
Lucky's health is declining slowly.
Our children are growing and we will grow old! It's so exciting.