Friday, July 20, 2012

Lotsa Visiting in June 2012

 Aunty Granny Trudy Ruding's Giant CAKE!

 Relatives came from Toronto and New Jersey, Richmond, Surrey and more places...
 Lina with Alyssa and E.J.
 They're posing for the camera together with Faythe and Alyssa.
 They were so nice and friendly and inclusive. I really enjoyed getting to know them better.

 Angels getting ready! Daddy with the Boy playing games.

Just wonderful memories we made! 

 so many cousins….so little time….but lots of food and fun
 cousins and BFFs
 drumming and singing and mark on guitar at lolas
 there's ella

 girls got along like they had been close friends forever

 it was so good to get to know this part of the family better!
 grace and oscar's place outside, too bad i had to work
 tickling at home
 party set up for Lola Eltrudis
 Avalina close up
 mom, carlos, alisa, isabel, nancy, marites, josh, bogs
 Lobster Fest at Deer Lake with Yhong&Phil
Note to self: no more high heels especially when there's grass involved.
 hanging out with family
 making music
 Uncle V with EJ
 Hovito with daughter number 2 and daughter number 3
 party time
All the angels gave Auntie Ruding a rose. 
 Summer unhappy in Yasmin's lap i guess...
 Aunty Pet we hadn't see you since 2002! It was so nice to see you again!
 Breakfast time! Pat made his famous buttermilk pancakes!
 Uncle Russel, Untie Elena, Aunty Pet and Uncle V - above and below.

 Pat shared his secret family pancake recipe with his cousins from NJ and took everybody over early in the morning to cook them up at Lola's house.
 Rhey's sons two brothers Rabara
 Brothers and Sisters Rabara
 Hugs and Giggles

 Tristan with his mommy. Ain't she pretty!
 under the table at parties when you are little is always fun!


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