Saturday, September 24, 2011

Summer was good!

Here's a few photos from our summer adventures. M went to Camp Wolf Howl for a whole week with Cub Scouts. We also had Camp Summer Lovin' with Trisha and her gang and then we went with Phil's fam to Camp Jubilee for their 25th anniversary celebration. They had yurts! The best part of the summer with our family was hanging out locally enjoying the wildlife and parks in Queensborough. We planted a garden, went to the water slides, entertained cousins and E is growing like a weed, a pretty one with flowers on it. Fastest year we ever had! Lina and Asia couldn't get enough riding in the bike trailer around here and P worked like a dog all summer long. To finish off the summer we attended Bumbershoot in Seattle and made it all about the children and their experience there. So we didn't see any big name bands but we went and we enjoyed. We had a lot of flat tires over the summer and didn't keep up with the housework!