Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Concert

December 15th 9am
I didn't get too many photos and the first photo may help you to see why.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I am really enjoying my monday/tuesday/wednesdays with my little girl due to my new position at the hospital still in the Switchboard. We are spending a lot of time drawing and playing, especially hide n'go seek and a little bit of watching Clifford the Big Red Dog. It's really nice to be home with her more. I can't wait for my maternity leave.

Sunday, December 09, 2007


I cannot believe how hard my husband works and just how thoughtful he can be sometimes. I feel so blessed to love and live with him and to have him as a partner and as a parent to my children. It just amazes me when he does things sometimes when I know he is pushing himself and I know how tired he must be but he keeps on working and working to make our family life more pleasant and to make things better for our family.Frequently he will go the extra kilometer in some way to show just how much he cares and thinks of my well being and happiness. It is very touching and humbling at the same time. I feel silly about getting frustrated about hairs in the bath tub and his toast crumbs everywhere when those kinds of things that are really quite insignificant. He is constantly working hard also to improve himself and has grown so much during our marriage. I also try to go to great lengths to make things easier for him but men and women do things in such different ways. When I tell him what I need and ask for help when I need it he always listens and puts forth a good effort. He has taught me about patience, about forgiveness and helps me to lower expectations of myself and encourages me to dream and to follow my passions. I think he just figured out how much a firm kiss on the lips can make me forget my worries for a moment enough to focus on the what is really important and I didn't even realize that is all it takes sometimes. He is my best friend and yet I haven't known him deeply for all that long. I have known him a long time but on different levels as he was the older brother of a friend. What a grown up responsible man he has become over the last 24 years that I have known him. I know if we had been together earlier neither one of us would have been ready for all we are doing now. What a loving husband. I had no idea he would be such an awesome father. Although he is not perfect and isn't all this 100 % of the time he makes the huge responsibility of parenting clearly easier. It is a job that takes a village. Sometimes I can see just so well how we can work together and feed off each others strengths and make up for moments of weakness or impatience. He has many wonderful talents and is very giving. Heavenly Father must have known what kind of partner I needed to fulfill the obligations I have right now as a mother, as a daughter, as a wife, and beyond those. I am grateful for the times when he can see my potential when I am discouraged and for the time he relentlessly gives to our family as I do the same. Sometimes I wonder if we'll ever get enough rest, enough done and I remember he's right along side me, lightening my load, sharing the good and the bad and the in between. I love to laugh with him and to hold his hand and see the love in his eyes. I am full of hormones in my 24th week of the pregnancy of our third child so I am probably a certified cornball right now. I have so many many good people and good things in my life and it didn't always seem like I could get even close to this place I am in right now. Christmas is a wonderful time for gratitude and to reflect upon the where we are going and where we have been and how we got there....and the journey is not yet complete. I do think I have written a post similar to this one before....or maybe it's deja vu.