Tuesday, November 21, 2006

making BuffaloVeggieLasagne....

...And it smells mighty good bakin'in the oven right now! Our weather is SO crazy! I love it-I am on my way to being some kind of arts and craft addict, no i guess i'm not that bad. Recently I heard there is a fine line between insanity and creativity. How true is that? I really want to make tons of Christmas stuff but mostly it will happen when I am asleep, that is in my dreams. My brain is excited but my energy is still too low. Need more rest and a lot more WATER! I guess the reason so many grandmas have the time to create is because they don't have all consuming little ones under foot or giggling under the covers a with flashlights. My little monkey can read! I can't believe it. He'S reading up a lostorm. It is very exciting to be a part of that. Speaking of books...
The books are here! Contact me for pickup or drop off. This should be a good one! I love MaryEllenEdmunds. She is such an interesting, funny, amazing women, one of many who inspires me. Wanting to join us? You can contact me. We're even trying to set up a virtual section where others can participate online for some outoftowners wanting to participate. Remember for every purchase you can receive Deseret Reward Points which can go directly toward purchases anytime.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Pictures stolen from Tricia's blog, check 'em out


Wow who knew magnets could provide a 5 year old with hours of fun on a white board easel! Anastasia had a nasty fall and has fat lips, cut lips, and a yuchy bloody mess on her top gums, spent day in ER yester, discharged from suture room with popsicles and advise only, keeps bleeding, off to the doctor. Poor baby is very unhappy and doesn't like to eat, only nurse, why did i not think of poopsicles, frozen bananas good too, update to follow

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sleep need sleep

Well I peed on a stick and it says we are not pregnant but my body and heart say and feel differently. I was however very surprised how it affected me. It was disappointing. Daddy was relieved. We were both getting used to the fact that #3 was coming a little sooner than expected. I am still late though, we'll see. We looked at a cute little house on Durham Street, a bit small but very cosy. Why am I so tired?
More later

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Everytime I sit down in the car I immediately fall asleep or want to.
Nausea galore.
Now we really need to move.
It's too soon to say anything to anyone but I couldn't contain my excitement so I thought I would publish it for the whole world to see.
Congratulations Josip and Daniela! You two are doing a good job growing that precious little baby girl-Jilian.