Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Melva Lucille George Anderson Halliday

December 9th 1909-August 26th 2014
She passed away quietly well looked after at
Kiwannis Care Centre in New Westminster this afternoon. Recently she refused to eat or get out of bed or take her meds. She's survived by her son Harry Anderson, his wife Doreen living on Vancouver Island plus his four adult children (Corey, Shelley, Diana and Joey. She outlived her two sons Ken and Bob who gave her her grand children Debbie Anderson Cains (Jeffrey Anderson), Walter Anderson and Betty-Ann Anderson ( Paisley, Ella-Jean, Avalina, Anastasia, Marvin Manghi) and Patrick Manghi. Bob's son Ben and daughter? Born in Lynn Valley, North Vancouver, Grandma David as she was known to me moved to New Westminster in 1924 at the age of 15 and raised her sons in Queensborough later moving to Sapperton. She loved her garden especially her Kiwi vines, where she grew flowers, vegetables and fruits. Her garden was her passion and she loved her little house on Braid Street where she lived until she was almost 100 years old! She lived on Braid Street in a small 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom house built in 1940. The house had a crawl space/basement with a dirt floor where she kept and used her old wringer washer. The home was about 500 square feet with a single garage slash workshop too.