Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me!

I can't believe I am forty. It's very exciting. My birthday was Monday March 15th. I was lucky enough to be spoiled pretty much all weekend by my husband. He took me for dinner and a play and then for a walk and a hot beverage with a pedicure and facial before hand on Saturday. Lalaine was kind enough to care for the children and have them asleep in their beds when we came home even though she hasn't been feeling her best lately and on her day off too. I was totally wiped out after that day and evening being 15 weeks pregnant and still fighting off the nausea. On Sunday he let me sleep in and made waffles for breakfast! Even though I wanted so much to go to church I stayed home and enjoyed my breakfast and family's company. I feel so fortunate. He's not perfect and I growl at him sometimes when I find dirty underwear on the floor and that kind of thing, he certainly is good to me! On my actual birthday my son had an extra day off school and i took the day off work. I also totally forgot to bring Asia to preschool or even call them! How rude. I told the children they had to do everything i said because it was my birthday. Then I asked them to make their beds, something they have to do anyway and much earlier in the day normally. My eight year old said I was taking advantage of my birthday and going a bit too far. You think I would have asked him to scrub the walls, floors and clean the toilets! He did do a beautiful job of it and later watched his little sisters so I could have a 'birthday nap'. Anastasia made me some pictures and glued some of her favourite recent creations to lined paper and stapled it together to make a book and gave me that! It's beautiful.