Thursday, April 14, 2011

so much fun!

he's holding a candle
 birthday girl

 what happens when your nine year old BOY gets a hold of the camera! 

 me & my cake
 daddy plus
cake on my face
This year has been challenging to say the least. I got in a car accident crossing the yellow line and barreling into a semi truck coming off the #1 getting on to the #7 on my grandmas 101 birthday December 9th so although my knee is better and i can walk and kneel without pain now my neck and upper back and shoulders are not as good. I am however turning a corner so to speak at physiotherapy and will soon not be spending so much time with that. In the beginning of February I had some kidney stones in both kidneys and was whisked into hospital for a few days. Fortunately they were able to remove the stones quite easily and quickly and i was able to have my sister in law help with the children while i was in RCH and pump lots of milk for my baby. Unfortunately they left in a stent for over a month and that caused quite a bit of discomfort and pain. I am grateful to the wonderful friends, sisters and neighbours and relatives for all there care, attention and help! Shortly after the stent was removed I turned 41. That was exciting! We all passed around sniffles and conjunctivitis and then the children got fevers. Then i got the Norwalk virus and began feeling pretty awful and now i am recovering from Bronchitis! Wow if things come in threes i have a few more to go i guess. Yuck! The sunshine helps me keep things in perspective as do early morning walks! I know there are many people with health problems more complicated than mine but i do need a break right now and I am so glad FINALLY there is no snot in my home except when accompanied by crying! Almost everybody got haircuts today and have been waiting since the beginning of the year at least! I got out the six month baby clothes even though she is over 7 months old now and am slowly rearranging my kitchen cupboards, storage and basement. All the Christmas decorations are all together but not yet put away. Some are still in the living room but the tree isn't. My children are healthy and didn't get as sick as myself and i am so so so glad my husband escaped it! He cannot take time off from work and coughing makes him so cranky. Also he cannot put the vacuums and the dirt in front of cartoons and feed them cheerios for lunch if he isn't feeling too good! Also I was able to read three books! Fight Club, The Alchemist and The Host! Amazing and still fit in time for scriptures and some sanity! Go super mom! Don't tell anyone that sometimes my children forget to brush their teeth and hair {if it isn't totally obvious} and that they sometimes travel to and from the school in their pajamas, not the ones attending!