Monday, September 11, 2006

Mice, work, cake,dreams, kindergarten

You gotta try this, my co-worker Dawn made a chocolate cake with plain dessert tofu instead of eggs and oil, plus a little extra water or milk. It was so delicous and with a cake mix to boot. Rich, moist and a little less guilt inducing. I usually stay away from those but here it goes. Kindergarten has arrived, and with it so much excitement. Gradual entry killing me. Marvin has a delightful teacher. They'll do yoga and tennis in Gym class, without the brutally geeky gymsuits. 2 1/2 hours isn't long though. Finally some well deserved time off from work, even though I haven't really been back long. I can water plants, nurture my soul, do kindergarten, catch up on laundry (just the putting it away part), get the science projects out of the fridge, scrub mildew and create some art. My ambitions are too wild, while I probably won't make soap, do any canning, volunteer, print vast amount of labels with wild abandon, alphabetize, golf, paint, sew, build a 3-D mural or play video games until 4am, I might get to mop the floors, stamp, sing, play, or ride my bike if I'm lucky. Being away from the florescent lights, the phone, battling label printers, burning cds, dregging patient, someone yelling, "Breathe and hold it, that's right and exhale" repeatedly, the hum of computers, the smell of the hospital and the commute will do me good. Except that it is definitely easier to be at work, but not as much fun. Last week I told my son the story of the country mouse and the city mouse with apprpriate variations. We were at a cousins' on Sumas Mountain. There was freshly baked buns, sunshine, wild fruits growing everywhere, a trampoline, dirtbike, go kart, lawnchairs, a creek and people not seen in eons to shoot the breeze with. My son and I pondered which mouse catagory we fall into. Any ideas? This week we'll do the modern version of Never cry Wolf.

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