Thursday, September 28, 2006

Back to Ikea again

Brutal, we had to go back to Ikea tonight because the two shelves we purchased last night require 32 screws each. For one shelf 9 were provided. How irritating. Oh well we had a nice dinner there, relaxing too. And all for $15. Marvin had macaroni. I had quiche and salad. Daddy had meatballs and veggies. Ana had veggies too but most of them ended up on the floor surrounding the highchair. Marvin got them to give him a free refill of mac n'cheese plus fries just by batting his long eyelashes and flashing them a charming grin. Plus just keep him from asking for what he wants. I dare you. The closet is now neatly organized. That's two down and two to go. Closets that is. When i get around to it i'll post b4and after shots. Get ready world the Manghi's are gettin'it together.

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