Monday, October 22, 2007


Since my son was a toddler I wanted to dress him up like a little bird for halloween but I thought the boas might be a little too hot and I just couldn't seem to find the appropriate headgear or find the time to make one myself. Well when I went to Portland, Oregon a few weekends ago I popped into the Old Navy store at Lloyd Center and even though I wasn't really looking the 50 % off sign near the Halloween costumes caught my eye and I took a second look. Last year I picked up a cute little orange bat covered jumpsuit for $5 at Kiss a Frog with a big moon and a smiley faced vampire. After Halloween we realized if you push on the dracula image it laughs a spooky laugh. Well this year it seems to be too scary and she won't even go near the thing. Also I am not sure it still fits. I am pretty sure she will want to be a chicken since that's my son's favorite name to call anyone who does anything to displease him. I figure he could be using a lot worse names to be calling people so I let him get away with it and we all cluck like hens if he uses it on us. She adores chickens! Here's some photos of other children in the aforementioned costumes and I will post when I have some of my own little ones in their costumes.

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