Wednesday, January 16, 2013

driving us crazy one minute at a time!

I cannot tell you how annoying this toy is! It lives on a high shelf next to a pair of parental quality earplugs. The children always seem to drag it out of the garbage and recycling bin when Dad has had enough of it. They of course think it's great fun, not to mention endless entertainment. Make great fun for your kids, this Sound Light Alligator will roll his eyes, rock his tail when start moving with the music and flash, very cute animal toy. It has Battery operate with sound and light, mouth opening and closing complete with eye rolling too. Plus it has an extremely irritating song that plays while it moves around and in circles. The bottom has wheels and batteries plus the speaker which already has masking tape over it. Apparently it promotes auditory development and music appreciation!  Said item was given as a give away at a birthday party in 2004 much to our shock and horror. It is so noisy it must be for the hearing impaired. Seriously! Somehow it is now endearing when on the high shelf only though. It retails for $14.95 but you can order a huge box from China for just $1.01 each if you so desire. Don't do it unless you have gift receivers to torture. Thanks Lily & Vince for years of fun! 

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