Monday, August 13, 2012

manghi insanity

Is my husband insane? Maybe it's me? Right now he is working on the yard. He has a lot of fancy Japanese garden ideas with a pond which I am trying not to squash. I do not want a pond with small children running around and I am skeptical that it will become as he pictures. Lately I have been practicing visualizing in order to use my left brain or something….I think some folks can picture things in there mind with more accuracy and maybe even move them around. I decided that possibly I may do this as well with some practice but each time I try to I see a scummy pond full of frogs and other things children have thrown in including barbie heads and plastic pieces of toys or broken computer parts and packaging, not to mention papers large and small in various sizes. Anyway I have given up on filling the hole each time he goes to work because that just wasn't working. He can dig deeper and faster than I can and get less dirt on his feet. The 'hole' has been filled with weeks for a little while now and I cannot pull them out as fast as my children can mess up the kitchen with stepped on crackers or soggy cheerios so I gave that up too! I am so grateful we have a yard now don't get me wrong but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the amount of additional work it provides. Also my husband loves to shop FOR PLANTS! This spring he went crazy making hanging baskets. Those dang people who lived here before had already hooks all around the deck! They also were close to retirement and designed the yard to be low maintenance, God bless them with volcano rocks and very little grass plus a huge garage to enable the next owners-us to leave things like broken washing machines, various bicycles, barbecues, furnitures, old mattress', malfunctioning fridges, recycling, half fixed items belonging to other ward members. There are some borrowed then broken things- do not lend him anything! -when he breaks it he buys a new one to replace and then keeps the new said item and plans to fix the borrowed one. Plus there is anything his brothers bring over and leave here. Now he is installing and working like a dog every day off and after work A BOARDWALK over the stepping stones with a lovely little path bordered by railway ties leading to the garage. There is cement mixing, wheel barrels, digging, sawing, comments like, "I am not a carpenter" in a Filipino accent, measuring, ropes, swearing, tools accumulating, lumbar heaving, several trips to Lowe's in between and lots of dirt coming in our house. It's like pig pen lives here. It's hard enough to keep an only bathroom floor used by six people clean as it is. It's driving me up the wall. Not only does he work during the cooler hours of the day but the hot ones too. INSANE i tell you! I love him dearly not queerly but right now I want to put a bucket on his head and beat it with the post hole digger. A metal bucket, good thing we do not have. Maybe I will just ask him to kindly wipe his feet, put all packaging in the nearby recycling and garbage bins, close the basement door to keep the bugs out, hose himself down outside and enlist the missionaries to teach him while helping, eat outside, feed his children while I am at work and take a chill pill. Don't sweat the small stuff .I keep telling myself that and taking deep breaths and taking the children to the park! He is a fabulous father but handy he is not. He does work as a janitor slash maintenance man but his dad who is quoted above is an office type who doesn't really like to get dirty and detests assembling anything because it takes him two days. I won't even mention the perfectionist part of my darling knight in previously shinning armour because I know how sleep deprivation can make you think! What a big load getting all that off my chest! Park here we come. Wait they already left without me with three cousins in tow. I better grab the lunch and head out the door! This from a mommy who barely has time to brush her teeth and read her beloved scriptures as she rushes and rushes and rushes.


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