Monday, August 20, 2012

Joel and Breanne

Mt. Lehman Winery out in Abbotsford and the location of my cousin's Canada Day wedding.  The reception was held under a tent on the winery grounds, overlooking the vineyard. It was very picturesque. Joel and Breanne’s wedding was very much an expression of their personalities, both original, sweet, and it felt so intimate . The proposal story is adorable and so are the first date stories. How did they meet you may ask. Well, Breanne saw Joel from his band website while shopping at Value Village, she contacted him through facebook and then they got together and getting to know one another was a dream come true for both of them. So of course we gave them a gift certificate. Wait it's still in my purse but will make it's way to them. 
Gifts were in the barn in a vintage suitcase displayed on a table covered in vintage linens. The bridesmaids’ dresses were all previously loved for under $50 each all different – but matching nicely. Table cloths were actually thrifted bed sheets cut to fit the tables and the afternoon tea was served in vintage china cups, saucers and plates. The centre pieces were made from jars and vases collected, and dressed up, holding dried flowers, dried themselves and potted succulents that were then transplanted into their garden. Also there was a serve-yourself candy table. The wedding cake sat on a vintage plate as well beside a display of photographs of the couple. The barn where the ceremony took place was decorated too and they did a lovely job! 
One of the neatest displays at the wedding was a hutch that had photos of their parents and grandparents weddings various picture frames; a wonderful way to honour their heritage and highlight the importance of family. They rented some items from Trove Vintage Rentals & Handmade Affairs and found other items adding them to their home afterwards.  One of Joel and Breanne’s favourite pieces is an old antique stereo that held their register. I could tell by some of the fabrics she was a child of the 80's for sure. 
Next month another bride will be wearing her beautiful dress. One of their family friends made all the jam served with the scones and tea. How awesome is that?! Her bridesmaids were two of her close friends and Joel's sisters. They seemed pretty tight knit. Aren't the flowers gorgeous? I wonder whose ear that is. 
I asked Breanne why they decided to do their wedding this way. This is what she wrote to me: [reblogged from Thrift Shopper for Peace]
One, it was frugal. Since we are both poor students with tight budgets we didn’t want to financially overburden our parents. Two, we really value simplicity and wanted our wedding to reflect that. Three, we love old things and love being able to support organizations like MCC and Bibles for Missions which donate their proceeds to important causes. Four, we were turned off by the mass consumerism that has been generated by weddings and wanted to avoid getting sucked into it. Five, I just love crafting and if I can make something myself, I am all over it! And six, we really wanted our wedding to be reflective of our values, lifestyles and who we are as a couple.
P.S. These pictures came from Thrift Shopper for Peace. Check out her fabulous blog! 

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