Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Love

Rememberance Day

one of Ella-Jean's first smiles

Avalina is so much like i was as a little girl

Moody but Marvelous Marvin

Everybody loves their Auntie Jessie

gotta get those teeth fixed

anastasia loves her new sister and is getting used to her glasses but loves kindergarten
Our family is getting ready for Christmas and working hard to keep it simple this year. With a new baby and three other children I really need to keep it from getting to hectic. It's already total chaos the minute my children start waking up and it doesn't seem to let up until they are all asleep. It's our first year in our own house so I think my husband wants to make it special. He's already invited all his siblings and their family over for dinner. There are at least 15 of them. My husband brought home a huge tree today. He wants to cook turkey and roast beef. Also he's planning for pies and cakes! I am not sure he's on board with my keep it simple idea so far! I would love to be baking and making and decorating up a storm but i can barely keep up with feeding and cleaning around the house and their little bodies and clothes right now.

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