Thursday, July 22, 2010


Hello neglected blog! I'm in my 33 week now and am trying to get some rest this week while Asia has clown camp and Marvin is at the New Westminster Police Soccer camp but it's not really working. We have been spending lots of time worrying about dad and waiting for more information. A large tumour has been found behind his nose and is pressing on the nerves in his face causing all the eye pain he has been having. I thought if I wasn't working I would not be at the hospital so much. I am glad he is in good hands and we have been saying lots of prayers for him at home and on the road and with him. I am so glad it's not already in his brain so he can still function fairly normally and enjoy some family time. Anastasia has a big Clowning Around show tomorrow and is enjoying learning to juggle and balance with a pretty umbrella and ride a unicycle! Marvin's last day of soccer camp will be tomorrow too and hopefully it will be another lovely day. Today the firemen were bringing their hoses to spray the children down but it's not that sunny unfortunately. I am sure they will have fun anyway! The location of the camps are conveniently located by Amma's house in Queen's Park and it's so nice there! We enjoyed picking some raspberries on the weekend and the Fraser fest fireworks! It was nice to take the children down the road in their p.j.s since the majority of viewers were on the other side of the river at the Quay. Avalina wasn't so scared this time. I am off to try and get a nap before I lose my chance. I'm sticking to bread, applesauce and rice fighting off a bit of food poisoning from the chicken we waited too long to cook last night. I won't listen next time my husband tells me if it's marinated it can hang out in the fridge longer. What was I thinking, must have been tired...

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