Saturday, April 03, 2010

Avalina is TWO!

I can't believe Avalina is two years old. Where did the time go? She loves to see the ducks in Queensborough and laugh and point. As soon as anyone puts on their shoes at our house I hear, "Where's my shoes?" and "Where's my jacket?" repeatedly even after said shoes and coat are on her body. Although she has a super sweet personality she can be demanding at times too. Her favorites are her Sock Monkey Book, her Knuffle Bunny, Dora pajamas, and playing with trains or babies. She is certainly different from the rest in so many ways. I hope she stays this sweet and that the terrible two's are not too difficult for her. She is full words and beans on most days and spends a lot of time singing and talking to no one in particular. She still seems so small to me until she wants to be carried, then she seems heavy! Our 4th baby is on the way so i am looking forward to being home with Avalina and the new one since Asia will be starting school in September. I think I forgot how challenging it is to be pregnant. I am not so far along right now but I know what is coming. I have often wondered if having children in my 20's would really have been any easier. I am thinking physically because during that time of my life i did have so much more energy and was able to stay up late at night and just keep going, working like a fiend and when i am feeling especially sleep deprived it makes me wonder about that....

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