Saturday, February 13, 2010


New Year, new job, new baby coming, been so busy, have no chance to blog!
There was a previous post I put in early January but I am still getting used to a mac and i deleted it by mistake.
My 8 year old has started cub scouts and is really enjoying it. Soccer didn't work out much to Dad's dismay but maybe Baseball will work better! He is still reading up a storm! My middle child has started at a local montessori preschool and is still adjusting to that! She is enjoying it but is not as enthusiastic as i had hoped. Our youngest is still so sweet and finally off the boob! I breastfed her the best food for 22 months and now that i am pregnant it's not only uncomfortable but I really need to sleep through the night. I just hope she will stop getting up so early! She wants to be just like her big sister and loves to get a hold of a pen or wear a tutu all day long. Our Daddy is still working as hard as ever cleaning those buildings in Whiterock. He's got some help with his cousin Gina so he can get home earlier now. I am still struggling with my new position having never before had a shift where you have to get a set amount of work done that fluctuates daily. I am so used to multitasking and dealing with things as they come adjusting my speed when necessary. It is hard for me to focus on one task at a time while still dropping everything at a moments notice to add something new. I am glad i will not be working until midnight through another pregnancy but I miss my old job, old coworkers and being so proficient and valuable like before. I work alone for 1/2 my shift and that is kind of nice. The job is tedious and i feel like i am not really using my brain. I am really struggling with morning sickness this time. Big Time!

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