Sunday, October 11, 2009

Heebee Jeebees

How do you explain that word to a four year old?

Just wait until you see mine! Fabulous Paper Bag Album using Dream Street Products made at Cherish the Thought in Port Moody.

Why oh why do women need to go through this?
I am so pissed off. I am not sure why because I was expecting it to return sooner or later. I got my . after 27 months I forgot how crappy it makes you feel! I am really shocked {into reality} and so don't want to breastfeed anymore. What a big baby. I just want to bury myself in a hole in the ground and cover it with leaves because it would probably feel better than this.
Manong's teeth are really crowded and crooked. Pluse had a root canal and he is only EIGHT! No more juice and now I will be the flossing nazi. He was very brave and squeezed his dad's hand hard. He has a silver crown and thinks there's treasure in his teeth now.
Manang got a new bed today. Let's home she stays in it ALL NIGHT long!
I decorated it with Christmas lights because her brother took the lamp.
We put all the clothes in the drawers below and I realized she has way too many.
Then again she does change her clothes at least 3 times a day. She is obsessed with how things smell. I am going to be busy preparing lotsa foods tomorrow.
Ading is asleep finally and has taken to screaming like a banshee. I didn't know a 1.5 year old could be so demanding. She sounds possessed when she howls and screams "mommy" at me and chases me around.

Look what I made with Jessie at Cherish the Thought! recently
Alcohol inks are where it's at! Can you see the granite like background?
I think we like Queensborough! Imagine, next time my boss calls me Debbie from Queensborough I will tell him he's jealous. I am going 'in to town' now to borrow my mom's roasting pan assuming she is home from the police station otherwise we'll need a bail bondsman.

More soon...poor neglected blog...

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