Sunday, June 08, 2008

Mather's Cousins Lunch

Today was the potluck picnic at Eda's house on 'the mountain' Sumas to be exact. Unfortunately the weather wasn't ideal so it wasn't as large as usual and it seemed weird to be in the house. Anastasia fell asleep in the car just before we arrived so she slept for most of it. Marvin was in his glory exercising his corpus callosum and running outside with his cousins, climbing on gravel piles and chopped up trees, picking up chains, jumping on the trampoline, digging up leeks, and eating way too many cookies and then freezies. Marvin just loves hanging out with Eda's sons and their sons. Avalina was passed around and introduced. Too bad my mom couldn't make it this year, there wasn't anyone for me to ask people's names if I couldn't remember and my memory isn't too good. It was such a delight to see so many relatives I had not seen for so long, most of them I had not seen since last June. The food was plentiful, varied and great as usual. We brought the Sex in the Pan and it was gobbled down pretty quickly. By the time we arrived everyone was ready for desert! I really missed being outside and wandering and exploring her yard but I got to do a lot more visiting with people being inside this time. Usually it's very sunny and hot. We hung around until dinner time because we wanted to see Steven and he was on his way home from Scotland arriving with coffee in hand and jet lagged around dinnertime. Eda told us how she used to milk the cows two times a day. They had 18 of them and it was her job to milk 7 with her father doing the remaining 11. She said cows are smelly especially when you have your face right next to them and after a while your arms get sore. They didn't have a refrigerator in those days either. They grew a lot of their own food and nobody had any money at that time. After we noticed that mostly everyone had left or was leaving, we got back in the car for the long drive home, filled up the gas tank at the super deal of $1.29 per litre, and got those children of ours into the bath, pajamas and bed as soon as we could. It was like a mini family reunion and so much fun. Those Mathers are a pretty nice bunch!