Wednesday, May 28, 2008

if it isn't one thing it's another isn't it?

Well we are having a rough time of it lately. I somehow hurt my back and can barely move! The pain is excrutiating. I visited Dr. Deni Cortese, my Italian Chiropractor this morning and that helped some. He advised me to ice it 5 times a day. Wish me luck with that. Anastasia and Avalina and myself have ubersore throats and fevers developing into a cough and congestion AGAIN!
She's only 8 weeks old for goodness sakes. Marvin is on a strict improved handwashing program inflicted upon him by his father. Here's a photograph of my beautiful sister in law Yhong who came here from the Phillipines in December. Her hair is blowing in the wind at the baseball field. Also dad came home yesterday and he is looking well. He didn't go home but he's planning to roam the streets of New Westminster with his Ipod and broccoli until the weather turns cool again when he will again cross the Pacific.