Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Avalina's One Month Old!

It's no wonder they call her Marvelina at Lola's house. She really looks a lot like Marvin did as a baby. In the last photo you can compare the brother and sister and decide for yourself who the baby looks like. Patrick thinks she is the spitting image of me. I can't see it but how often do I look at myself.
They're warming up to the idea of having a baby sister.
They seem to like her so far even though she is taking up a lot of Mommy's time and energy which used to be focused on them and herself! Well, it won't last before we know it she'll be talking and walking.
She's already supporting her head some and turning it to look at the other children. Babies are so amazing! It's great watching them grow and develop and exciting when they hit those milestones. In the second photo Avalina looks scared. I am sure once Patrick sees this photo he will laugh and remind me that when I try to force a smile in photos like for ID cards I usually end up looking scared. When his sister saw my driver's license she burst out laughing and asked me, "Did you make that face on purpose, It's hilarious." I was clueless and replied, "What face? I am just smiling at the camera.

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SAH in Suburbia said...

Ah, life with three. Are you settling in yet? I hate not having enough hands. That cutie looks a lot like you AND a lot like Marvin. She's just adorable! I hope you are doing well......took me a while to get into a groove at that stage.