Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Real Canadian Superstore

Huge shopping trip we don't usually do. Not sure why I had my camera that day but I did. Marvin sure knows how to ham it up for the camera!
It's good to have him back in school. They are studying Salmon and Owls at F.W.Howay. He has his cousin Darius straight from the mountains in the Ifugao province in the Phillipines there with him now so for him every day is even more of an adventure! He
s also taking swimming lessons on Friday evenings and starting up with Yoga after school again. He wants to do more but we figure that is plenty. He sure gets going easier in the mornings now that he knows his cousin will be at the door any minute. He's even getting time to eat breakfast hot and at the table instead of the usual dawdling and morning protest to greeting the day. That is working in our favor. Anastasia is loving every minute of every day and wanting to not nap. Life is just too exciting for her and if you're around you hear all about it. You may not understand a word but you will get an earful! Her vocabulary has exploded and that is helping her temper too. She is more able to express herself, with phrases like, You go away, I hate it, I don't want it, It's my favorite, I want pink and the like. Before our new addition comes there will be 10 more weeks of huffing and puffing and barfing and wiggling. I can take it right, I've done it before, right? I'm not sure if I am trying to convince you or me. I'm just starting to think about what my labour might be like reality is setting in. How hard can it be, I did it a couple of times already right? R-r-r-r-right...For updates on the pregnancy part check one of the other blogs by viewing my complete profile.

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