Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Long time no blog...

Happy 2008!
Our cat Lucky is finally back to his old self which means purring, ripping up children's left on the floor drawings and eating them. Also sleeping in the beds and shedding again and just generally being more friendly and wanting to be around us. Recently I was sick in bed with a nasty virus for longer than anticipated and it brought me so much joy that he actually jumped up on the very high bed once and slept beside me with his purring on. What a relief to have him back to normal. Now he lets the children pet him and tug on his ears a little and chases their shoelaces and those kind of things instead of keeping to himself under the table all the time. Thanks must go out to my husband who has been diligently cleaning up after him and making sure he gets his medicine and meals regularly. I think Lucky is growing on him finally after all this time. Well maybe that is going a bit too far but it warms my heart to see them liking each other a little.

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