Monday, September 24, 2007

on moving and ON CHOICES...

You rarely have time for everything you want to do in this life,
so you need to make choices.
Hopefully your choices can come
from a deep sense of who you are
and who you want to become.

Mr. Rogers

What do you do when you move? Go to Ikea of course to get the things you need to make your home more functional and more comfortable. In our case we needed a few things to make it more organized and to help us cram ourselves in with ease. We put the children in bunk beds in the big room and we are taking up the other room mostly by just inserting our queen size bed. We picked up a desk finally so Pat can keep all his business stuff neat and tidy or at least where he can find it when he needs it. We also needed shelves for the bathroom and a large shelving unit with cupboards underneath that Marvin calls, 'the thing that we don't know what to call it' because we were going to get a baker's rack but decided it would be too deep. It contains our phones, mail, keys, cook books, kitchen linens, miscellaneous items and we put some baskets on it too for receipts and coupons. I like to put my purse and anything I've carried upstairs on it as well and hopefully it will keep us from throwing up our pockets onto the counter. I have tried bulletin boards, desk organizers, hooks, little shelves and throwing tantrums and nothing else has worked but this is helping some. We still need shelves for some of the closets, a towel rack and a shower curtain but we are getting much closer to order over here in 216. It's a little bigger and full of carpet. Today I spent quite a bit of time organizing Asia's clothing and putting summer stuff up high and bringing the warmer stuff down where we and she can reach it. The label maker Pat got me for my birthday is really coming in handy! Marvin had a day off from school which didn't work out very good for him because I was too sick to help him really enjoy it. Also I wasn't thinking clearly and forgot and my mom was kind enough to bring him to school. I didn't make it to work and it was quite difficult to be taking care of two children with bundles of energy when I am feeling so rotten with some kind of cold or flu thing. I was naive to think I would only get sick like this once in 9 months I guess because this was the second time. We enjoyed watching The Wizard of Oz again. I really didn't get any rest and don't feel any better for staying home because those children had to keep being fed and stuff like that every time i turned around, or so it seemed.

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mcgrigor said...

So, where did you move to? The other unit in your building? I'm usual. I'm getting most of my books from the library - a huge stack of them now. What an escape but my house is a mess!! Better get cracking.