Monday, September 17, 2007


...was baptized on August 24th at the Burnaby chapel in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latterday Saints! by Elder Fisher who has since been transferred to Surrey. She looked really cute with her pigtails all dressed in a white blouse and skirt before she went into the water. As usual I didn't get there early enough for photos of that. It was really nice and held in the Relief Society room. It was lovely to see her Mom AND Dad and also Teresa and Nana and Christopher and Aimee girl all there to show her their love and support. I know her family coming meant a lot to her and she was worried they may not. I guess I forgot that refreshments don't magically appear at baptisms so I missed a lot of it setting those up. Thank-you to everyone who brought some sweet snacks. I had promised Jessica I would bake a cheese cake and it was plain just like she likes. We were all very exited for her. She looked just beautiful, so happy and absolutely radiant before, during and after. It's really wonderful to see how much she is maturing and growing and learning and progressing. She was pretty fabulous to begin with but she has made some lifestyle changes and added some good habits to her routine and they have made her even happier and sweeter. It's nice to see someone so enthusiastic about the scriptures and commandments our Heavenly Father has provided for our guidance and help. It really helps me remember when I returned to my own faith and helps me retain my love for the gospel. It has been a good opportunity to see her testimony develop and kind of took me by surprise. We have been blessed with so many wonderful Elders and Sisters teaching and leading and helping answer her many many questions. I am very proud of her for setting such a good example to all those around her.

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