Monday, September 17, 2007

The Chinese Rockers

a.k.a TCR will be performing on S E P T E M B E R 22ND at 7:30pm at the Night Market.
Pat is the lead singer along with his brother Phil and their buddy John on guitar and another brother Mark on the drums.
They have some originals now too. Come out and enjoy some classic rock and some surprises too.
Please come out and see them jam and dress warmly.
Click here to find out the directions how to get there.
If you've never been out to the Night Market here's the perfect excuse.
If you haven't been in a while isn't it about time.
Be prepared to pay for parking or walk a little ways.
This outdoor event takes place close to Ikea in Richmond behind Home Depot
and is filled with tons sweet deals on everything from
toys to handbags to MP3 players to jewelry to bonsai trees to wallets to car accessories
The food is quite unique and includes everything from dim sum to imitation shark fin soup to bubble teas to gyros and also takoyaki to Korean ricerolls. Yum, I know Phil will be going for the takoyaki a popular Japanese festival food containing octopus and loved by children.
The earlier the better to beat the crowds as far as shopping goes but since it's already getting cooler I don't expect the crowds will be quite so dense.

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