Monday, July 16, 2007

New Glasses

I spent some time hunting around for glasses today and just refuse to pay and arm and a leg because I need those. The children helped as you can see. We had fun but it was kind of stressful with them there. I didn't choose the ones I like the best but I did find some that were good quality, comfortable and a good value. I was surprised at the colour I ended up with because I so didn't want black but people with tight budgets can't be choosy. They won't be ready for ten whole days. Anastasia broke one arm off my glasses a while ago which wasn't too tragic since I really only wear them before bed and in the morning but it was somewhat inconvenient since anytime I bent my head to read or pick something up they swung off my eyes. Well the other day she somehow got her hands on them again and I suddenly heard, "Mom, broken." and when I turned around she had them in her little hands outstretched. Then I only had the front of my glasses and it doesn't feel very good to shove my contacts in first thing in the morning just so I can see what I am doing. It is also difficult to read with one hand on your nose. Anyway I hope I made a good choice. I was glad to find such good prices at Costco and there was a coupon to boot. Marvin will be next for getting himself some eye wear. Here are a few of his choices. He is attracted to the ones with Sponge Bob stickers on the glasses even though I told him the sticker won't be there when he brings them home. Anastasia won't have any trouble with glasses because you can absolutely loves them. She only seems to break other peoples.

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