Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mmmmm Dairy Queen

Mondays is the $2.99 banana split special at the Dairy Queen in New Westminster. That's what Patrick wanted to get after dinner last night. He had been thinking about it all day and called us on the drive home to suggest it. He had to work an extra long day and loves to daydream so I can imagine him thinking about one of his favorites * i c e c r e a m * Wow the children wolfed their dinner down in a hurry because they were looking forward to some thing different besides getting right into bed after dinner. We brought my mom and sat outside the New Westminster Public Library to eat our treats. That gave us a chance to collapse, I mean relax while the children ran around up and down the ramp and all over the place making us all 3 more tired just by watching them. It was a fun way to unwind in the heat. There's benches there and it was so nice out. My mom was so thrilled to be invited and spend some downtime with her grandchildren. Also I had to use this chance to take even more photos of my family. Now Pat's talking about making ice cream. That means me making it and I realized I haven't got that ice cream maker out in a while. He's gone to the store right now to get some cream and I am sending him telepathic messages since his cell phone was left behind to charge about getting some rock salt too. Maybe I should try making it in the vitamix. We'll see.

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