Saturday, July 28, 2007

Latterday Saint Temple, Langley, BC

Here's a photo of what the temple will look like. Today the children and I went to the site to see where it's going to be. There was a children's activity where Stake Leaders spoke to them and afterwards they got juice boxes and granola bars and to plant some wheatgrass that they can take home and nourish and care for and then eat if they want. I have lots of those wheat berries in my cupboard. I am not sure why I didn't think of that! Ours might not grow because they had a pretty rough trip home. Let's just say I had a lot of vacuuming to do INSIDE the car upon our return. The children were given permission to go to a rock pile and help themselves to a rock {and they were much larger than I expected} to bring home. Their rock and plant should remind them of why we have temples today. For more information on this you can visit
My children had a very good time just being outside in such a wide open space. Exploring and digging a little and picking leaves and Marvin even made a trap for me to fall in, like I need another fall. I think I overdid it out there as it is but ice is helping. They just didn't want to leave! So, we dillied and we dallied and hung around with some wonderful members from the Spanish Ward. There were some benches made like when you go to camp with parts of trunks on each end holding a board. We sang some primary songs while Marvin pouted because I wouldn't let him wave around super large sticks. Their voices were beautiful. I just hummed when they sang in Spanish. Anastasia was cuddling up to all of them like she'd known them all her life. I have seen them all before but didn't know any of their names. They were all calling her Dora because of her haircut and apparently she resembles Dora the Explorer. The strange thing is she was so tired and didn't mind the singing. She usually cries a lot if you sing to her or near her or with her when she's tired. She will just have a fit if you try to sing her a lullaby. Sometimes she even wants it but it's just too much for her I guess. Anyway I wish I had brought my camera but here's a few photos I didn't take.

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