Sunday, June 24, 2007

Pots and Petals on the Patio

Saying Patio makes our tiny square balcony seem huge. Well with the amount of action it has seen in the last three years I'd say it has a huge history. It is my husband's refuge from the world. Also he has much better luck keeping things alive OUTSIDE. This year we're getting the children in on it too. Marvin planted beans at school and they're doing really well. Also we planted a sunflower in a teacup and it needs something bigger now! His kindergarten class went on a class trip to learn about gardening at Carol's house on Cherry Street. Drive by in the lane and you can see where the whole class planted their sunflowers in a U shape. They will be a sunflower house attached at the top later in the summer. What a great idea. Thank-you Carol and Dylan for generously providing a part of your lovely garden for all to love. Her yard is lovely and it's so much fun for the children to get be outside and just get dirty. Anastasia just tramples everything without noticing, plant wise. This spring on yet another after bedtime run for the elusive fresh french loaf {for sandwhiches} from the 6th Street Safeway{ours doesn't have a bakery, yet}Anastasia and I picked out some flowers to bring home for Daddy. She was thrilled to be invited to help plant them in the window box too. She didn't want to carry the plant in the grocery store but we'll forgive her for that since it was 9pm. Almost every week/school night now Patrick makes 4 delicious sandwiches. Since he's been frequenting Commercial drive for classes and treatments of various types he has fallen in love with an Italian deli and there delicious meats and Italian cheeses. Our favorite right now is the cambozola. Wow these sandwiches are so good. The kids just get cheddar and meat or pb&j Some mornings I eat my sandwich on my 8:30am coffee{only}break when I just can't wait and haven't had breakfast. Back to our gardening adventures. Marvin also planted some johnny jump ups{purple violas}in an old plastic spiderman toy container. It's very deep and he's quite proud of it. My nasturtium is taking over! I had better make some salad. The fresh herbs are always enjoyable as well. We don't have too many this year. My grandma's garden is looking nice with lots of purple and white flowers right now as well. It's not a big beautiful greenhouse like the one Randy and Deana built but it suits us just fine. We are so lucky to have so many friends and relatives with nice yards for us to visit when the weather is good. I am also glad there are so many lovely parks right in our neighborhood and little city of New Westminster. The favorite recently is Sinclair Park {formerly known as Lillian's secret McDonald's park}. We all know it has something to do with the three lovely young Ballard girls, Marvin. This week we've been to Hume Park and Queen's Park as well. Summer's here and we're lovin'it!

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