Sunday, June 03, 2007

Lunch with cousins at Eda's house

Boy was it hot up on Sumas mountain yesterday! It was so nice to see everyone again. There was lots of lasagne and Sandra made HAGGIS! Delicous. Pat was at the barbeque with the chicken wings. I don't know how he stood in front of it for so long in the heat. The children enjoyed the trampoline and freezies as usual. This time there was a kiddie pool and sprinkler for added enjoyment. Happy birthday Steven, that's him on the bottom. It was really nice to see the cousins from across the border again too. So much fun was had by all.


Vanessa said...

Aren't families just the best...errr...and the worst :) LOL Yours look like a lot of good fun.
Thanks for sharing

PJ said...

I love summer get-together's!

Donna said...

Hi Betty

This is Donna Mae 2 . . . Donna Mae 1 is in the brown shirt holding her granddaughter. Yes, we did have a great time seeing the cousins and the weather was great. Cousin Eda has such a perfect property for all the family and lots of room and activities for kids. Patrick cooked the wings beautifully.