Friday, June 15, 2007

June Fifteenth..

Wow my little girl is 22 months old, Marvin just turned 6 and today my mom is 64 years old. We took her out for shoes and fish last night. This year she didn't order the lobster. My financial self was glad. My holidays have started and Jessica has graduated. Father's day is around the corner. We'll be cooking up a bunchof ribs and using the barbeque sauce Marvin made at school. Also Patrick has requested a big batch of chocolate chip cookies, the ones that are chewy in the middle. I got some milk and dark Callebaut chocolate so they should be good, just have to find the energy now. Sundays can be busy and tiring depending on the CTR 8s and CTR 7s and their energy level and attention span. I am still wearing my CTR ring too. The lesson is on the Atonement and we'll probably play hangman first. I am not sure if the children know the meaning of the word but we'll see. We also enjoyed a visit from Nathalie and Nathan while they came down for Jessica's graduation. It was nice to see everyone at that time. Wow Michelle is so cute! Also I included another mini album I am working on using double lined doodles set from Stampin'Up!

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