Sunday, May 27, 2007


I absolutely love Sundays, however exhausting they may be. I also love my Scrap, Paper, Scissors tote I got in January and am STILL loving, even though there are new colours available. Don't forget to use your 40% off coupon or else it's a bit of a dent. It has so many many pockets and even a drawer in the bottom. My husband doesn't think it will be big enough. Funny. The only drawback, the fiskars paper cutter doesn't fit exactly inside parallel to the bottom. Lately I have been finding I need something additional to carry papers, cutters, and of course STAMPS. Don't forget some of your favorite stamps will be discontinued at the end of June to make way for the new Big Idea Book and Catalog in July. So exciting, but we all know how easily I get excited especially those of you who got the she peed in the potty! telephone call or the ones that come after every tooth or new words pop into or out of my children's mouths, except the vulgar ones of course. As if I have time to get on the telephone now except at work when I more than make up for it answering the phones there. I am offering 15% off all retiring sets and if you twist my rubber arm you can get that discount off the wheels as well. Many of you should be getting your Fall Preview Brochure very very soon. Check your mail boxes and save the date for June 14th for a VERY exciting class you won't want to miss {Hint up top}Whoa... and yes I will be making Father's Day cards. Gotta love my Daddy in Law and he's coming home from the Phillipines today! Glorious I hope it will be sunny! He's tropical you know.

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