Tuesday, January 16, 2007

too sick to blog

I was on the mend and then fighting a sore throat, which has developed into a full blown mucusfest. It's everywhere in my nose, my ears, my eyes. I feel like i am full of snot and it's all compacted inside my head. I will keep using the Sinusbuster. I got it at the Alive in Royal city center in New Westminster and it cost a pretty penny but it definitely helps. The container allows you to squirt the concentrated mixture of capsicum peppers up into your nose and sinus cavity. At first it feels a tiny bit painful but soon you get used to it and don't notice the stinging sensation, plus it breaks everything up and is so worth it anyway. We are going hogwild on the vitamins and soup over here too. I am laying low and feeling really rotten. I am lucky my mil is so willing and able to help with the children. Thank-you Lola! Also Patrick's been great, trying to make me more comfortable with the Vics vaporub and warm socks(knitted by Deana) and plying me with water and herb tea. I am going to get through this. Not sure if I am trying to convince you or myself but here's hoping that positive affirmations really do work. Time to ask for a blessing probably.

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