Sunday, October 01, 2006

Lolo's leaving to go to the Phillipines! We'll miss him but this time he's only going for 3-4 months. He has to return in January so the doctors can check out his liver with a CTscan to be sure the cancer hasn't returned and that his liver is regenerating itself. Tuesday he departs with one suitcase and one big box full of stuff for Yhong, Darius and Yasmin. He's returning to Lagawe, Ifugao. Surely it will be warm and sunny. I will really miss him. He is very kind, gentle, sleepy and really balance out my mil. She gets lonely without him around. They'll be all kissy huggy again when he returns like usual if she doesn't decide to jump on a plane and meet him there in a few months. I think she'll remain in Canada until his return this time. I'm sure it will be strange to go to the Phillipines without stopping at Aunty Norma's place in Manila. Everybody used to visit her upon arrival to the Phillipines. She was very devoted to education and had a wonderful sense of humor. She snored really loud too. It's been a year since her brutal murder. We miss her. Love and prayers for Lolo Julio and Aunty Norma. Doesn't Fayth look cute in that picture with Genny? The ones below that are of Dad at Anastasia's birthday celebration out back.

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