Sunday, June 18, 2006

Crayons melt in the dryer!

Why can't my little boy keep frogs and snakes in his pockets? I guess because we live in the city. He does like to keep toy ones in his pockets. A crayon from my mom's birthday lobster dinner on Thursday at the Keg was still in Marvin's pocket. It ruined everything in that load of laundry. My dryer is BLUE! I already tried scrubbing the dryer and got extremely frustrated. It's not really coming off. He will get a turn trying too. I hope someone out there has a solution for me. Anastasia is into everything, crawling faster and faster each day. The cat food and garbage are no longer safe. Luckily outlet protectors are on sale at Ikea. It's 49 cents for a dozen! Gotta count my blessings here. Today we cleaned and organized Marvin's room. Lucky for me Daddy got it going. I just didn't know where to start. We chose toys to donate or give to little sister. One time the Chinese ward left their nursery cupboard unlocked. Marvin discovered this and we found they are really lacking in the toy department. Tomorrow will be their lucky day! Marvin really enjoyed the BC Lions game on Friday night with his dad. Sounds like they got a little wild. His dad bought him a really long orange horn, not exactly a horn. It's more like a keyless trumpet. It doesn't make noise on its own but he was thrilled that he was allowed to blow it as much as he liked. It reminds me of the Ricola commercial's horn.

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Thoroughly Mormon Millie said...


I hear you about crayons on the dryer. Dang, they suck. I read somewhere that soda water (baking soda/water mixture) gets crayon off walls, but I don't know that you want it in your dryer.

Good for you, surprising the Chinese ward with some new nursery toys. I love giving little surprises like that. They'll be so happy.