Wednesday, March 22, 2006

just a sprain and pulled ligaments or was it tendons, we'll see

I am a goon. I fell (CRUNCH) down on my ankle in the carpark last night. One minute we were playing soccer with the 4L milk jug and the next minute I was on the ground. Marvin went to M and used the intercom to get help from Daddy. I crawled and wiggled to the door. It's F A T ! Painful.
Just a baby blog. Jessica's on her way home! Thank goodness for Lola and co. I do miss my children. Actually slept through the night. Imagine that. Six straight hours. My breast are going to explode. Milk bath anyone? Gotta pump. My cat is liking having all my attention and company. I am liking him, not licking, would get a mouthful of furs. i cant' believe how much you need your foot/ankle, ithought oh well i have two. ehlers danlos may have contributed

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