Tuesday, February 28, 2006

overturned 18 wheeler outside on sidewalk

Just finished this good book, quick read. It really reminded me how much our Heavenly Father and Savior loves us and are waiting to bless us. It brought back all the times of difficulties when he truly did embrace me with his love. -What is there about a hug, about being held close by one whose affection we crave, that means so much to us? An embrace can erase fear, overcome anger, heal hearts, and foster love. And while we generally think of a hug as being a physical gesture of affection, the author points out that a true embrace encompasses much more. Just Hold Me! offers a unique look at an age-old custom and discusses some of the ways we experience “hugs” in both a physical and spiritual sense. With wonderful insights and practical applications, this little book reminds us that when times are difficult we can turn to the Savior’s embrace.

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