Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Fever...you give me fever

Marvin's got fevers. He is so tired and listless. It scares me, but oh so relaxing, good to know something slows him down. Was so cute to see him and anastasia napping on our bed together, with Lucky. Made two big pots of soup. Marvin wants everyone to know he is 4 3/4. He's bouncing on my lap and just got his appetite back. He just ate some chicken, rice, 3 eggs, part of an apple, juice, popsicle, and now says he's still hungry. That's more than my bony boy eats in one day. He's playing now so he must feel a bit better. Not so warm. Thank goodness. Anastasia has her own toothbrush now for her two little sharp teeth. I am not liking the teeth! As you can see I have the cutest baby in the universe! According to my mom I was cuter. According to the pictures I am not so sure. Marvin wants everyone to know he is good at doing puzzles with 100 pieces. Marvin get your own blog. His butt is bubbly and he needs to take it to air care he says. Good night Moon and Venus too.

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