Friday, February 17, 2006

A day in the life of me...

Little boy is eating a gigantic bowl of muligrain cheerios. We're watching Rescue Heroes. Billy Blazes has a broken foot, due to some heroic act I suppose. "Mommy, can you put the words for the deaf people on the screen please, I know where the remote is."-marvin Lucky and Blue asleep on big bed. Daddy gone to work after he ate and played with baby. Unfortunately while playing with baby he left her unattended on the big bed. Guess what happened?! Her face is a bit bashed up. I hope she wakes up later. Jess came over last night so we could go on a date, but it didn't work. Anyway we had fun with her and she helped me fold clean laundry of which I still have a mountain of. After kids asleep drove Jessica home. Was telling her about this cool book I remembered reading about a reporter who disguised herself as a teen and went back to high school. Then she wrote a book about it. In the 50's I think, found it in my Nan's basement, maybe belonged to Aunty Sherry. I told Jess then we could do grade 12 together, would be so fun. HighSchool was so exciting! This time I could study my brains out and learn learn learn and excel in between changing diapers, making baby food, going to preschool, cooking, singing, grocery shopping, washing dishes, wait I just don't have time for studying. I'll just sleep in class and make new friends and wear strange clothes. Maybe I could write a book too. Better take English again then. Wait there are editors, right? Poor Nano had her wisdom teeth out, visiting from Kelowna until the weekend, reading break. Hope I get to see her again before she leaves. Aimee turns 13 this weekend. Scary, she's a teenager now. Cool. I really needed to ESCAPE last night. I finished making dinner after a long, exhausing, fufilling, and challenging day with children and then ran out the door. Dropped by my mom's to see her in her pajamas then went to library to p/u Dr.miseri's book. Suddenly remembered my wallet was still at 7-11. Memory is mush. Ran into a strange beatle freak from church named Roger, loves the beatles. Is in love with his married optician. Has no phone, neighbors doing crack, feeling psychic, and out of place in this world, compounded by knee problems....Marvin do you really need to sit on my lap right now? Oh you want to push the space bar. Aching left neck, wasn't it cold last night, beautiful day today, must get dressed and fed. Blue's two teeth are really poking up now. "Momma what are the words at the end of shows that say everything when the show is done?"-marvin Credits, I tell him, telling who made the show. "Showing who peed and pooed on the show?" -marvin He's obsessed with his bodily functions. What is that about? Maybe I can do some more laundry. Seriously thinking of becoming Vegan. Still wearing yesterday's underwear under my pajamas, need to brush my teeth. Blue's new shoes are on the way. So exciting, wish I was a baby! Glad it' s Friday, didn't get much sleep. Some day. Might try to make ganache torte today or take a train ride. We'll see or I could do more laundry that may Never get put away. Must work on watercolour Brotherhargreaves dropped off for me to Copy by Monday. Good luck, need to work on my drawing. That Tower of Babel is pretty fascinating. After I came home from driving Jess home Pat was still up. We had a few laughs and kisses and shared a peanut butter bar. He gave me a drawing he made at work of 3 dead roses in a glass wine caraffe. It was so sweet. It said: I wanted to let you know I appreciate the time you spend so we can live our life in harmony. And even though we're both needing a little more energy, I can still look at you with a smile in my heart. Love Pat. Incredible. I am very blessed. The baby monitor broke and he went to Chevron to buy a 9volt battery. When he came back I was surprised they had it. I figured it would've cost about $5, highway robbery, it was $6.99 plus tax. Brutal. We watched CSI and went to bed. "Everyone in that world is a bunny, right mom? And they can talk. Isn't that funny?"-marv Must surgically remove my son from being glued to the babysitter/treehouse, why do children like to sit so close to the screen? I remember trying to look inside the screen to see more of their world, but it never worked.
Do you like my blog? I guess I don't need so many details, my life isn't THAT exciting but pretty close. I'll keep it shorter next time and wait until I really have something to say.

Love is learned mostly in the home
mum, how do you spell chair

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