Thursday, November 26, 2009

hmmmm Film Library

I started a new position with slightly better hours. I miss my coworkers and the job i was good at. I miss being the know it all and hearing familiar voices and dealing with familiar problems. I don't like the stale environment with the tedious work i am hoping to become better at with smaller margins for error and the people who smile and say yes even when they don't understand you. I am having some trouble keeping up. The children love having me come home and are eagerly waiting with stories in hand, teeth brushed, pajama clad under the covers at least until they hear my key in the lock. It is easier to get up in the morning not working so late in the evening. If one more person from ER x-ray hugs me i might cry AT WORK. They have weird snacks in the film library and lots of demands. No time for Facebook, boo hoo. Get used to it. At least i am not far away and I don't miss Jean! 90 days to change my mind if i need to.

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